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The Taleem Institute, A renowned center for learning and spiritual fulfillment.

Taleem Institute is the first leading Evening & Weekend Islamic School in Grays, Essex. We offer an unrivaled program of Islamic study combining Hifdh and Tajweed classes with Arabic learning. Our comprehensive syllabus seeks to nurture students towards an enlightened understanding of essential Islamic characteristics. We encourage our students to be excellent learners and compassionate community members.

We have created a comprehensive syllabus that centralizes Islamic studies whilst also providing a safe and secure learning environment so that our students can thrive. Here at Taleem Institute, we value the importance of tolerance and social cohesion. By promoting these values, we seek to create a safe and secure environment where all are welcome to succeed.

We strive for excellent academic standards and aim for our students to become future ambassadors of Islam. We hope to improve and positively contribute to the world in which we all live, study and work. Explore our courses and join our community of learners today!  READ MORE ->

Our Mission

We have created a comprehensive syllabus that centralizes Islamic studies whilst also providing a safe and secure learning environment so that our students can thrive. The community that is Thurrock, Grays is our proud home and we are determined to impart a positive legacy. To spread peace is a central tenant of Islam..

Our Values

We serve children and families of all backgrounds and teach respect for all schools of thought in the community, promote tolerance for people of all faiths and beliefs in our British society, and encourage our pupils to develop a sense of national and global citizenship. We hope, through our staff and pupils, to make a positive contribution..

Our Course

Ethical & Moral Beliefs That Guides To The Straight Path!


Are you looking for the perfect Islamic education for your children?

Would you like your children to learn the Quran, Tajweed, Islamic Studies, Arabic, and other Deen and Dunia related subjects?

Sign them up for Taleem Institute courses today! We teach children aged 4 to 18 years, all they need to know about Islam in a fun, educational, and innovative environment.

We believe that children are true blessings of Allah and that they should be taught to walk his way from a very young age. Enroll your kids today at Taleem Institute Call us on 077 1376 1414


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    What Our Happy Parents Say

    Online School

    Great Madrassah my daughter and Son learn online.. great teacher couldn’t believe how quick they are learning by attending their 1-2-1 sessions online… my kids have definitely picked up their speed on Arabic learning.

    Student's Mother

    Online School

    My two daughters aged 5 and 8 years have been attending online Quran and Qidah classes and mashaAllah making good progress. The class teacher is very good and punctual. I am really pleased with the teacher and the overall supervision from Taleem Institute.

    Student's Mother

    Weekday School

    Taleem Institute is a suitable place for Islamic education for kids. They have qualified experienced teachers who are dedicated to providing quality teaching with proper care. My daughter 5 years old learning Quran has good progress. I would recommend it for your child too.

    Student's Father

    Weekend School

    An absolutely brilliant institute and deserve huge credit for their hard work in the Grays community, A superb place for our young generation to learn while enjoying themselves in a wonderful environment. If you want your child to grow up with a good strong education, Islamic upbringing, and morals it is one of the best Islamic Institute around

    Student's Father

    Little Muslim

    The academic standard is up to the level, teachers are qualified and skilled, friendly management and affordable. Strongly recommended‬

    Student's Father

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