Taleem Institute

Adult Tajweed And Quran Recitation Courses

Practice Makes It Perfects

We value practical teaching methods above all others. Implementing Tajweed while you learn will ensure you develop your recitation skills to the highest level. 

Course Notes and Qur’an

Although we provide continuous course guides and notes we strongly recommend that you bring or use own Qur’an to increase your familiarity with a single copy. 

Pace and Level Teaching

At Taleem Institute of excellence, we understand that individuals are unique, and we teach each learner according to their desired pace and suitable level. Although we organize classes in groups. 

What you can expect from the course:

A 10-week Tajweed and recitation course for Sisters.

New Muslim Brothers & Sisters Tajweed Courses

A Tajweed course designed for Muslim reverts.

For more information please contact us 077 1376 1414

Zoom/Skype Tajweed and recitation courses for Brothers.

Brothers Tajweed & Recitation Courses for 12 week

Intensive 12-week Tajweed and Recitation course for Brothers.

For more information, please contact us on 077 1376 1414

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