Taleem Institute

Syllabus Outline:

Taleem Institute aims to provide a sound and accurate approach to our teaching. When your child enters our school they will begin the critical stages of building a profound foundation in the Islamic faith through exposure to Quranic, Islamic & Arabic language Studies. Each class has an appropriate pace and differentiation so learners will progress largely according to their own ability and speed.

Syllabus Ethos:

We believe that a “thorough and balanced” syllabus is central to the success of a Madrasah. It is for this reason; a lot of thought, time and consultation goes into devising the syllabus. Similarly, we revisit the syllabus every year, taking feedback from teachers to ascertain areas of improvement and changes that may be required to enhance the learning experience of our pupils.

However, we strongly believe that other aspects such as the following are equally important:

  • Stimulating teaching methods where pupils are engaged and challenged.
  • An understanding and appreciation of how pupils learn best.
  • Structured lessons, where there is time for teaching, listening to Sabaq and revision.
  • A passion and motivation to impart Islamic knowledge.

To achieve this, we have teacher training sessions via regular insets, meetings, updates etc, where the focus is sharing ideas and good practice, with the aim of continuous professional development of all our teachers.

“Our overall objective is to nurture a well-rounded, active and ethical individual, confident in his Islamic faith.”

The day is divided into five lessons:

 We have a short break for lunch or snack kids to refresh. And weather permitting, the students will go outside for fresh air, under the supervision of one of the staff.

Weekly Assembly- The structure of the assembly is as follows:

  • Welcome greeting followed by some Qur’an recitation
  • Reflection on the previous week
  • Celebrating success (weekly merit winners)
  • Reminder of expectation
  • Either a dua/hadith of the week
  • Finally a reminder of the dua for increasing knowledge
   Lesson 1 – Memorisation of the Quran
   Lesson 2 – Recitation of the Quran
   Lesson 3 – Daily Duas & Salah Duas
   Lesson 4 – Islamic Studies & Aqeedah
   Lesson 5 – Arabic Language
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