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Taleem is seeking generous donors for its coveted ‘Taleem Children’s Scholarship’ fund. This fund is essential in aiding struggling parents fund their child’s Islamic education.

We strongly believe that the leaders of tomorrow are the students of today. The Taleem family seeks to invest in the futures of our Muslim youth and we hope that you can join this noble cause.

These are uncertain times due to the national emergency caused by COVID-19. Many parents are unable to afford basic provisions let alone Islamic tuition. Subhan’Allah, we have even heard of parents who downsize their homes just to free up the necessary funds – imagine making such a life-changing decision! There are examples from the life of the beloved and noble Prophet Mohammed (SAW) for us to follow. When the Prophet’s (SAW) uncle was struggling to support the upbringing of his son Ali (RA) our honored leader welcomed his cousin into his home and eased the financial burden that was placed on his uncle.

The Taleem places emphasis on providing real-world guidance in accordance with Islamic knowledge. Our courses are tailored to suit young Muslims living in Britain.

You can either sponsor a pupil’s full fees for 1 academic year or partially fund a pupil – we welcome any amount. Could this be your ticket to Jannah & a means of salvation for your hereafter?
All potential pupils will be verified for eligibility and sponsors allocated on a case-by-case basis to ensure support reaches the right families.

Please Donate for a good cause InshaAllah. Bank Account Details below.

Account Name:          Taleem Foundation
Account Number:      1044 3584
Sort Code:                   60 02 63
Bank Name:                Natwest

You can donate by PayPal
You can donate by using the PayPal link below

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