Taleem Institute

To tackle issues amongst our youth community we have established a forum dedicated to engaging and nurturing our future leaders. We hope to inspire and guide our members towards an enlightened path. We help to develop key personal and professional skills that enable our students and members to be competitive outside the classroom. Taleem Youth Forum hosts events that seek to address the rise in gang culture within our community. As caring residents, we strongly believe that it is our shared responsibility to engage with these difficulties together.

In recent times we have witnessed a surge in localized crime and reports of anti-social behavior. These events have been perpetrated by a lack of service targeting our young community. The lure of gang culture is a strong one for young men and women. Popular culture and music fan the flames for increasing anti-social attitudes displayed within society. For this reason, the Taleem youth forum is specifically formed to address the lack of services available to our future generations. We provide an open environment designed to support the growth and development away from gang culture and towards an Islamic path. We welcome all members of our community to join us and Taleem Foundation regularly organizes events to unite us against the spread of gang-related anti-social behavior.

Workshops, recreational activities, and classes are all part of our program to address issues affecting our youth. Taleem Youth Forum is a beacon of light that provides hope to those seeking a brighter tomorrow.

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