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Welcome to Taleem Institute

Due to the continuing growth of the Muslim Community in Thurrock, we have opened an Islamic School in Grays, Essex. Taleem Institute is the first leading Evening & Weekend Islamic School in Grays. Established in 2018 the renowned Taleem institute offers an unrivaled program of Islamic study combining Hifdh and Tajweed classes with Arabic learning. This method of learning the glorious Quran has been tried and tested to ensure students understand the teachings of the Quran. Our comprehensive syllabus seeks to nurture students towards an enlightened understanding of essential Islamic characteristics.

We encourage our students to be excellent learners and compassionate community members. We hold a weekly assembly to ensure that students are reminded of their responsibilities as representatives of our faithful community. We organize regular events through our diverse projects including the Taleem Foundation.

These events unite our community in a spirit of liberty and toleration. As an equal opportunity organization, we uphold and promote democratic ideals. Many of our esteemed teachers are educated here in the UK and have a high proficiency in the English language and British culture. Lessons are taught in English by fully vetted DBS cleared staff who have undergone intensive training. This makes Taleem Institute the perfect environment for students to learn and develop as well as a caring neighbor for our community in Grays, Essex contributing to diversity and social cohesion. Explore our courses and join our community of learners today!

Our Mission

We have created a comprehensive syllabus that centralizes Islamic studies whilst also providing a safe and secure learning environment so that our students can thrive. The community that is Grays is our proud home and we are determined to impart a positive legacy. To spread peace is a central tenant of Islam and we are therefore conscious of our commitments to the Grays community.

Here at Taleem Institute, our staff is mentors who listen and engage with the students from a diverse background. We understand the importance of making the learning experience enjoyable for our pupils. Therefore, we strive as an organization to make the content of our classes as engaging as possible. Our faculty are experienced in balancing intensive Islamic learning with fun and engaging activities that keep students focused and motivated.

We at Taleem institute hope to improve and positively contribute to the world in which we all live, study, and work.

Our Values

Here at Taleem Institute, we value the importance of tolerance and social cohesion. Through our extensive network of students and staff, we seek to represent Muslims in a positive light by developing Islamic democratic ideals. Our goals as an institute are:

By promoting these values, we seek to create a safe and secure environment where all are welcome to succeed.

“Taleem Institute the home of educational excellence.” 

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