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Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization without which we could not achieve our goals. The Taleem Foundation welcomes all volunteers regardless of age, race, and gender to join our mission. All our past and present volunteers have sacrificed their time and energy to champion positive change.

Why do we value our volunteers?

We value the contributions made by all of our devoted volunteers. Below are just some of the qualities that volunteers bring to the Taleem Foundation:

Fresh insight: You contribute new ideas and perspectives, as well as energy and lots of enthusiasm!

Crucial support: You provide practical support to Taleem Foundation, helping us to reach new donors and supporters, as well as increasing the impact of our presence within the local community.

Public promotion: You act as ambassadors and advocates for Taleem Foundation’s mission, values, and causes.

Changes in culture: You contribute to a culture of giving.  Demonstrating the importance of donating resources to serve worthwhile causes.

Our commitment to volunteers

Taleem Foundation was built upon the hard work and dedication of selfless volunteers and we believe volunteering can benefit our organization as well as those who volunteer. As such, we are committed to investing in and supporting volunteers. We will endeavor to:

  • Continue to offer valuable volunteering opportunities.
  • Provide an opportunity to develop new skills and experiences.
  • Adhere to best practice in volunteering management standards.
  • Provide training and support that further develop personal and professional skills. 
  • We will also aim to conduct a yearly feedback survey to gain insights into how our volunteers feel and where we can improve.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Volunteering is a mutually beneficial act especially when it comes to supporting our goal of increasing Islamic knowledge. A few examples of the benefits you shall receive are:

  • Personal satisfaction: The opportunity to get involved with a cause you are passionate about
  • Innovation and challenge: Experience new challenges and gain valuable skills for personal development.
  • Personal development: Through our support network you will continue to grow as a professional.
  • Recognition: Appreciation and recognition from the Taleem family and our community.

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