Taleem Institute

Character Education

Character of Education

Here at Taleem institute, our comprehensive and inclusive syllabus emphasizes the importance of learning and practicing the Qur’an and Sunnah. The character education program aims to develop the following 5 key principals:

*   Tolerance
*   Integrity
*   Respect
*   Appreciation
*   Ethical

We believe these key principles will enable our students to be morally and ethically upright students, who play an active role in wider society to bring positive change for all.

Our character education program will underpin everything that the Taleem Institute stands for. However, we will use some distinct methods to promote and deliver the character education program. They are:

a) Curriculum – exploring and learning about key features of character education
b) Assembly – focusing on moral and ethical themes
c) Reflection time – giving students the time to think about the opportunities that they have and learn to show a sense of appreciation
d) Role model – both teachers and students acting as role models for others to follow
e) Weekly hadith/supplications – giving all the students an opportunity to learn and reflect on weekly spiritual teachings

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