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Our Foodbank initiative seeks to serve our local community, Grays, Essex. We distribute pre-cooked meals, water, and fruit to those who are in need. Launched in December of 2020 we serve meals from the entrance of our institute. The target is to provide at least 50 meals on each occasion.

The foodbank initiative was very well received by our community of worshipers. Partners within our community have greatly aided our efforts. Tesco, a major retailer has partnered with us to provide packaged goods. Our commitment has increased because of this support and we are now able to offer two handouts per calendar month. We will continue to provide support from our institute office as well as Grays town center.

Due to the continued success of our Foodbanks, we have now extended our support to include the provision of warm winter clothing. In addition to this service, we are also engaged in providing continual monetary support to selected low-income households.

More recently we have been involved in guiding the local homeless and needy towards other useful projects that can be of aid. These include services such as local food banks, social service agencies, and charities involved in supporting the needy for a wide range of things that the Taleem Foodbank is not itself equipped to deliver support on.

Taleem Foodbank is “ always on the lookout to see how else we may be able to help and support our local needy neighbors, visitors and families regardless of who they are and what their backgrounds are – so please get in touch if you want to help, donate or have an idea you want to share”

This testimony from a family who receives support from the Taleem foodbank highlights the importance of our mission, “My family and my small children have been helped for the last 2 years with the Good Food project run by Taleem Foundation. Your kind donations of clothes and food once a month, and going to Tesco to get the surplus food every week, has helped us to survive basically. We have been really having a hard time and if we didn’t have this help we would have practically not been able to feed the children adequately. I don’t really care about myself eating but I do want the children to eat fruit and vegetables we sometimes can’t afford to buy. Anyway, your hard work in this charity will count in God’s eyes you’ll have both puts in so much time effort, and care and we really are so grateful to you both, God bless you both. I am praying for you both.”

For further details please do not hesitate to contact us: info@taleeminstitute.com

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