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Ali Abdur-Rahman al-Huthaify

Shaikh Ali bin Abdur Rahman bin Ali bin Ahmed Al Hudhaify is from the Hudhaify tribe from Al Awamir which is from bani Khatha’m. The Awamirs dwell in northern Areedah south of Makkah by 360 kilometers. The Hudhaify family has been chosen as the leaders of Al Awamirs centuries ago and remains so till this day. Shaikh Ali Al Hudhaify was born in 1366 in the village of Al Qarn Al Mustaqeem in the Awamir area in a religious family. His father was the Imam and Khateeb of the Saudi army.

He became Imam and Khateeb of the Quba Mosque than was appointed Imam and Khateeb of the Prophets Mosque in 1399. He then became Imam of the Haram Mosque at the beginning of Ramadhan 1401h, and then returned to being the Imam and Khateeb of the Prophets Mosque in 1402h and continues in this capacity. Shaikh Ali Al Hudhaify is considered one of the Qurraa of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic world. He has many recordings that are used and broadcasted all over the world.

Shaykh Mahmoud Khalil al-Husary

Shaykh Mahmoud Khalil al-Husary was a renowned reciter of the Qur’ân. He died in 1980.
He was born in a village called Shobra al-Namla in Tanta, Egypt in 1910. Mahmoud entered the Qur’ân School at the age of four. At 8, he had already memorized the whole Qur’ân and at 12, he entered the religious institute and learned the ten qira’aat (recitations) in al-Azhar University.
As one of the four top-ranking reciters in Egypt, he recorded the complete Qur’ânic text in both styles of recitation, murattal (tarteel) and mujawwad (tajwid), and was the first to record and broadcast the murattal style. Shaykh al-Husary is known for the correctness of his recitation (tajwid). Mahmoud Khalil al-Husary was one of the most esteemed reciters of his time


Islamic Playground

InshaAllah, Here you will find many activities such as Islamic games, quizzes, puzzles, Arabic alphabet games, Islamic stories and much more. Please use it and tell all your friends about this website.

Islamic School Resource

Welcome to this resource for sharing lesson plans, craft activities, songs, poems, and other ideas for teaching children about Islam.

Islamic Net

Here you will find many activities such as Kids Islamic games, quizzes, puzzles, Arabic alphabet games, Islamic stories and much more.


Islamic Quizzes for developing general Islamic knowledge. Test yourself and your children:


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Lessons of Ahsanul Qawaid. Excellent homework support for parents helping children with correct pronunciation.

Lesson Title Page in Ahsanul Qawaid Links
Lesson 01 Standalone letters 3 Click here
Lesson 02 Fat ha 10 Click here
Lesson 03 Kass ra 11 Click here
Lesson 04 Dham ma 12 Click here
Lesson 05 Fat Hatain 14-15 Click here
Lesson 06 Kass Retain 15-16 Click here


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