Islamic Studies

In this part of the lesson, we are dedicated to exclusively teaching Islamic studies. A pupil from the age of five and above will be studying from Islamic educational books which cover a wide range of subjects including Aqidah, Fiqh, and Akhlaaq. Books have been carefully selected by Taleem Institute management as they come in different grades and they are colorful, high quality and packed full of creative activities to make learning fun and enjoyable.

Subjects for Islamic studies:



Curricular Subjects covered Details Citizenship
Islam Shahada, Salah, Sawm, Zakat, Hajj, and Seerah This area will cover the details relating to the matter of fiqh and also details of the life stories of all the Prophets (PBUT) We place strong importance on the need to providing positive role models for our pupils
Iman Tawheed, Angels. Holy books, Messengers, Hereafter, Qadar and Day of Judgement This section will cover the fundamentals of Aqeeda, it will encourage the pupil to continuously ponder, reflect and reason – learning Arabic language, Islam & Citizenship with British values within a moderate, healthy, positive and non-extremist culture
Ihsaan Akhlaaq, Aadaab, Tarbeeya, Sincerity, and Self-discipline This area aims to develop an Islamic character that will strive for beauty and perfection in one’s prayer, daily actions, interaction with humanity and the environment – free of political or ideological bias, transcending across cultural and ethnic divides.