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We believe in the importance of providing our children at an early age with the foundations of the true A‘qidah and righteous Islamic Adaab and Akhlaaq through basing our teaching on the Quran and sunnah.


Children need to be nurtured in a loving and stimulating Islamic environment in order to develop Islamic identities and a love for their Deen. We aim at providing children with age appropriate stimulating activities with the support of a caring adult acting as a Muslim role model in a warm and safe Islamic environment.


At this level there are no formal exams. The class teacher will continuously assess them and a written report on their achievements will be compiled for the parents or guardian’s perusal at the end of each term.



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Our terms run for a duration of 16 weeks. Guardians will get a written report at the end of each term. Two formal meetings are organised every six months where guardians will be able to meet the class teacher, Head Teacher and Management.

Ten years of experience

We have been educating and interacting with children and parents for over 10 years. We know how to help children achieve their best and thrive as young Muslims living in this ever-changing world. Navigate through our website and start benefiting from our expertise.

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