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Children’s Courses


Excellence in Islamic Education. For all children, from home.

Gift your child with the knowledge of the Qur’an. We have a range of courses designed to stimulate young minds. Fortify your child’s progress in Islamic learning by enrolling in one of our online courses.


We understand that your child might not be used to this style of learning, therefore we’re giving you a completely free trial lesson! No credit card required, totally FREE 1ST LESSON!

Why Choose Taleem Institute

We have had an active online education service since 2018 making us world leaders in Islamic and Arabic tutoring. We provide tailored courses on Tajweed/Tarteel rules, Hifz, and Islamic studies. Our alumni span the globe, and we are proud of our diverse heritage. All courses are tailored to suit the needs of the learner regardless of age or prior knowledge.

Taleem Institute Courses:

Our courses are designed to suit all individual preferences. We offer 40 minutes or hour sessions throughout the day. There are weekend slots and evening openings. For those eager to progress their learning we offer the opportunity to have two sessions per day.

Our teacher’s knowledge is unrivalled, and we guarantee that you will be taught by a diligent and knowledgeable teacher.

We offer the ability to choose your preference for teachers. For students wishing to be taught by a Sister then we can gladly accommodate this. Although over the age of 10 girls students must have female teacher.

our online sessions are 1-1 and group.  The attention given to our learners allows them to fully embrace our teaching methods and progress rapidly with their learning objectives.

We offer a free trial period lasting 1 session for our Qur’an classes with Tajweed learning.

We have designed a special course for our senior students and adults. Our teachers are trained in providing care and respect to all students regardless of age and gender.


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