Taleem Institute

Parent’s Coffee Morning

Our dedicated parents’ coffee mornings take place once a month. This provides parents with an opportunity to keep up to date with school events, student progress, and address any concerns. We strongly recommend all parents to attend to support the school’s efforts and interact with fellow parents.

4th Tuesday of every month (once a month)

 Parent Workshops

We organize workshops that offer support and advice to the parents of our students. Our workshops have in the past covered:

  • Tarbiyyah begins at home
  • Phonics
  • Assessment
  • Homework Support

We are always happy to welcome parents/ carers who would like to volunteer within the school. Volunteering is strongly encouraged for parents and carers seeking to contribute to the success of Taleem Institute. You can contribute by providing teaching assistance to students or by providing support at one of our events.

For all queries regarding volunteering or any other service please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call us on 077 1376 1414 In Sha Allah.

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