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Summer School

Taleem Institute Summer School

During the Summer Holiday, Taleem Institute Education organises Summer School which includes fun activities, educational fun projects to learn about the Quran, Islamic Studies; and trips. Specific age groups and class times/dates will be updated before every summer school.

Generally, age group and class time/dates are as follows:

For boys from Reception to Year 16 and For girls from Reception to A Levels

Timetable- Mon, Tue & Wed and Weekend 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

Learn the Quran

During the course, great importance is attached to ensuring every child gets off to a good start in learning to pronounce the letters of the Arabic alphabet correctly and correct recitation. Students are allocated into groups according to ability taught by well trained staff to ensure students are engaged, motivated and express their abilities.

Build Clay Structures

Students enjoy exciting and fun packed art lessons where they have been covering different forms of still life drawing, and building clay sculptures. Students also worked with textiles and various forms of paints. The lessons inspire student’s creativity, and ability to analyse and problem-solve in a myriad of ways.


Learn about Hajj

Hajj plays an integral role for every Muslim, young or old. Special stories of Prophet Ibrahim’s sacrifices and his family’s journey are all endearing for every Muslim.

As part of a two week project, students build and imitate important places and rituals of Hajj and finally getting the opportunity to experience Hajj by following the rituals of Hajj practically.


Play Tug of War

Tug of war is a healthy team sport where the team ethic is more important than any one individual. It has often been said that a tug of war team is similar to a chain. It is only as strong as its weakest link. This results in co-operation and team discipline. Students also participate in many more healthy sports and activities, enjoying the day and competing.

Explore a Real Fire Engine

Officers from the local fire brigade department visited to use their training, experience and expertise to deliver fire safety messages in a sensitive and reassuring way to ensure children understand the importance of home fire safety without becoming unduly worried about a fire happening in their home.

The workshops are also carefully managed to reduce the risk of their natural curiosity about fire developing into an interest in deliberately lighting fires.

The skills and knowledge gained during the free educational workshops can be used by young people throughout their lives and into adulthood.

They were encouraged to share these important messages with their friends and families, helping to make them safer from fire in the home too.

Explore History

Students had a wonderful time visiting the Natural History Museum. Students had the opportunity to engage in this interactive exhibit allowing them to investigate various types of rocks and fossils, travelled through a giant planet, came face to face with Medusa and even saw some dinosaurs!

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