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There are numerous ways to help your children get excited about reading the Quran. Most of them involve making it fun for the kids. And for the adults as well! It is important to begin any teaching when the baby is still in the womb! When the child is born this same process carries on.  Here are 7 simple ways to get your children about reading the Quran.

1.  Listen to the Quran and read the Quran every day. The baby will get used to hearing the Quran being read and get into the habit of listening to the Quran. Surahs read during babies’ early days turn out to be the easiest for it to learn later on!

2.  Children should be encouraged about the benefits of reading and learning the Quran.

–       The Quran will lead you to paradise.

–       The Quran will intercede for us on the day of judgment.

–       Your status in this life will be raised.

–       The reciters of the Qur’an will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels, to name just a few of these benefits.

There are also great stories for children that encourage the virtues of the Quran.

3.  If you make the Quran a family activity, all the family can benefit from these activities.

You can read a few pages at a time when all the family is together. In a family group, you can have discussions as to what each reading means and how this can be implemented in your daily lives.

Encourage children to enter local Quran reciting competitions. The family should praise them when they do their best in these competitions.

You can have your own competitions anywhere. They can be at the dinner table, at a picnic, anywhere, anytime!

4. You can make up games that involve painting pictures about the Quran or reciting sections of the Quran. They should be fun and involve everyone in the group. Individual children can play games online and gain knowledge of the many aspects of Islamic life.

5. Children can organize activities with friends. They can, for example, involve short bursts of full-on exercise which are broken up with readings of the Quran in between.

6. If you make the effort to learn what is happening in the surahs, you can then talk to your children about what was happening, how the verses were revealed and what they mean to us. You can encourage your children to learn their own stories and then teach the family themselves.

7. You can encourage older children to carry a pocket-sized version of the Quran with them. They can use these to read when their time would otherwise be wasted. They can read it when they are waiting for the bus, waiting for an appointment, or any other moment where they would otherwise be ‘wasting’ time.

Develop love and knowledge of the Quran yourself. Be that enthusiastic and knowledgeable person who enthuses others to do the same.

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