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Make Sure Your Child Doesn’t Miss Out on Islamic Studies & Spiritual Growth

Choose from one of our educational packages to ensure your child maintains their religious learning’s and doesn’t forget the Islamic knowledge they’ve already engaged with.

“The Seeking of Knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim”

Al-Tirmidhi #74

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We understand that your child might not be used to this style of learning, therefore we’re giving you a completely free trial lesson! No credit card required, totally FREE 1ST LESSON!

Why Choose Taleem Institute

Taleem Institute Online is providing its services for Teaching Holy Quran with Tajweed/Tarteel Rules, hifz and Teachings of Islam (Muslim Faith, Pillars of Islam, Salah Method, Supplications and Sharia Knowledge) since 2015 at global level, we have great experience in teaching Online Tajweed Classes to the students of different countries like UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, and all nations. Courses of Online Quran Institute equally work for both kids and elders as well as for new Muslims.

Taleem Institute Courses:

Taleem Institute Online program is available without distinction for individuals of all ages, from children to the elder. Our online tajweed classes courses usually take 3 to 6 months to allow a student to read the Holy Quran accurately by understanding tajweed rules. But it mostly depends on the interest and ability of the student. For hifz classes we have experienced Hafiz and Hafiza. We are offering the following Quran and Islamic Teachings courses:

Online Quran Classes of Tajweed/Tarteel Rules

Noorani Qaida/Madani Qaida

Online Nazra Classes of Quran (Recitation of Holy Quran)

Memorization of Supplications (Duas)

Memorization of Complete Quran (Hifz)

Memorization of Specific Surah or Para 30

Online Tajweed (tarteel) and Hifz Classes Schedule will be available at your desired time. The time of Quran Class for each student is half hour to an hour. We also offer weekend classes. Our services is available for 24/7 : the one who is busy in morning can take class in evening or vice versa, Our Online Quran Classes is also available for weekend. if you are busy during week and have keen to learn Quran Recitation with detail Tajweed Rules, want to do Hifz and want to Learn Islamic Knowledge, you can do two days classes.

We have Qualified Staff for Quran Classes who know well Tajweed (Tarteel) rules, have experience of teaching

We have both Male and Female Staff for Online Tajweed/Tarteel and Hifz Classes, who are experience enough to take Quran Classes Online. Our Teachers are Hafiz, Hafiza and Scholars of Islam

Our Online Quran Classes is One to One, Where One Teacher (Male/Female) teach to One Student, One Online Quran Session is of Half Hour, Teacher are trained well to properly use this time. the benefit of One to One Class  is that student feel flexible and confident, Student Quran Lesson (Tajweed & Islam) is not got disturbed and Teacher also can teach the student according to His/Her Level.

Feel Free to take 3 days trail Classes of Quran (Tajweed/Tarteel , Hifz) and Islamic Teaching

Online Quran Quran Classes for  elders, who want to learn the Quran with Tajweed and Teachings of Islam, and want to do Hifz. Our Quran Teachers consist of Hafiz and Scholars of Islam. They take care of the dignity of elder person while taking the classes.

Online Quran Classes for Female,  have Female Hafiza and Scholars who take the Quran Classes of Female Students. Islamic Sister Feel easy to take the enrollment in Our Quran Institute

Online Quran Classes for New Muslims make them to Learn Quran with Tajweed/Tarteel, Nazra, Hifz (memorize Quran) and Teaching of Islam. We have strong courses of Islam , which enable new Muslims to learn Faith of Islam , Pillars of Islam, Sharia Knowledge, Supplications and more Islamic Knowledge.

Engaging. Interactive. Islamic Education.

Our premium education has been created and delivered to 1000’s of children with different learning styles and needs, and from as young as 4 years old to even teeenagers! We know exactly how to deliver powerful education online with our interactive Islamic education.

Choose the right package for you and your child, with no hidden costs or extra fees.

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