Halloween originated from a Pagan festival called Samhain, which was celebrated by the Ancient Celts of Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. The Christian festival of ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ occurred around the same time as Samhain, with elements of the latter festival mixing with the former. Halloween is largely a celebration for Pagan idolators, and satan-worshippers, witches, and the like. It is associated with evil, devils, demons, and dark, sinister acts. None of these are approved of in Islam. Even some Christians are distancing themselves from Halloween.

Today, Halloween is largely a commercialized festival. Children, teenagers, and even adults go around dressed in crazy costumes, scary and skimpy, partying, tricking ‘n’ treating, or pranking innocent people, getting drunk, and disorderly conduct. In short, it is a night of nuisance! (Imagine what the police and medics must deal with…)

As Muslims, we direct our efforts to please Allah (The One True God) alone. This means having good intentions, doing good, and keeping away from evil. Muslims have a long-standing enmity with the devil, Satan. Satan (may he be cursed) was disobedient to Allah. And Satan was an enemy to our father, Adam- The first man.

Satan’s mission is to lead us to destruction and hellfire. As Muslims, our ongoing battle with Satan means we must avoid his misleading paths to evil (may he be cursed). Satan calls us towards idol worship, self-harm, violence towards others, mischief, the pursuit of impure desires, destroying society among many other vices.

Muslims fight the Satan away, by remembering Allah, The Creator of all. So as Muslims, we would rather be good citizens by maintaining peace and tranquillity in the community. Sure, we love to give gifts, and we love sharing food, but just not on a night of notoriety.

May Allah protect us from Satan the accursed. May Allah guide us all back to the straight path that leads to His pleasure alone. Wasallallahu alaa nabiyina Muhammad. Aamin